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2019 Session Videos

Producers met in Ft. Collins for the first ever Lamb Summit. The goal was to identify how, and why, to improve both the market value and the eating value of US lamb. Several sessions from the event were recorded and are presented below.

Opening Remarks

Bob Ludwig shares a brief overview of the state of the Lamb Industry. What can US producers do to improve its product?

“Meating” the Needs of the New Lamb Consumer

Identify what tomorrow’s consumer needs are and how to provide a satisfying meal solution for them.

“Meating” the Needs — Panelist Q&A

Panelist discussion with Michael Uetz, Faith Garrard and Chef Jay McCarthy.

A Global Perspective on Lamb Quality

Dr. Phil Hadley shares what steps the United Kingdom lamb industry is taking to improve the value of its meat.

A Global Perspective on Lamb Quality

Dr. David Pethick explains how the Australian lamb industry manages the relationship between eating quality and lean meat yield.

A Global Perspective on Lamb Quality — Panelist Q&A

Attendees ask questions to the Summit’s international guest speakers.

Understanding Carcass Quality & Traceability

Dr. Henry Zerby explains what traits lead to better, more consistent carcass quality throughout the supply chain.

Characterizing Lamb Flavor

Dr. Dale Woerner leads a hands-on flavor demonstration. Learn what creates a "strong" or "mild" flavor profile.