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Lamb Industry Innovator Award

The goal of the award is to stimulate an interest in lamb industry innovation, raise the image of the US lamb industry, and to recognize those individuals that move the industry forward.

In 2019, the $25,000 award went to two industry leaders instead of one:

  1. Tom Boyer for his work on the Leading Edge Program which aims to provide a uniform and quality—consistent product to the consumer.
  2. Cody Hiemke for spearheading value-based incentives for better lamb at Niman Ranch.
Left to right: Cody Hiemke, Tom Boyer, Jean and Stan Potratz

Due to the shortness of time they were selected rather than nominated.

Another Lamb Industry Innovator Award will be presented in 2022. Nominations will be accepted prior to the event (whose date and location are to be announced.)